Tips to avoid being robbed when travelling

Keeping your possessions in secret places, to be careful of taxis or observing unusual situations are some of the keys to void marauding.

Thieves are always permanent concerns of any tourist when they set foot in strange countries. However, you can decrease the danger of becoming a victim of bad people by using some simple solutions.

Don’t be drunk

Tips to Avoid Being Marauded

Tips to Avoid Being Marauded

Nothing worse than drunk in a travel. You will have a great possibility to become robber’s targets.

Simple clothes


The majority of marauding victims is shining appearance. Therefore, your clothes should be simple and comfortable. This small tip will help you in circumstances outside the robber’s control. Furthermore, women shouldn’t wear high-heeled shoes or prolix skirts.
In reality, children rarely get in touch with tourists without purposes. This is obviously demonstrated for poor and wandering street children in big cities. It sounds extreme, but it can work well in some cases.

Avoid contacts with children

Keep your eye to people who are observing  you

You need to focus to consider whether or not you are monitored. Pickpockets always determine their targets and carefully observe for a while before acting. You can eliminate their visibility by keeping your eye to dangerous subjects.

Keeping valuable possessions in secret places

Listen to the phone on street

Listen to the phone on street

The most dangerous place is also the safest place, but it doesn’t mean that you lay by your valuable mobile phones or wallets in a peanut bag. This way, just be applied for something that you are compulsory to store in hotels. The majority of thieves in hotels always worries about being arrested. Therefore, possessions that are easy to maraud are big luggage and visible baggage. You should lay out your costly properties in different places such as your laptop placed under cushion or your camera rolled in a fabric bag.

To be careful of taxis

Taxis seem to be the safest vehicles, but they are not reliable at all in places that you don’t know the native language. Avoiding going with people who solicit you at the stations or the airports. The most optimal is to contact with receptionists or security staffs to know how to call a reliable taxi. If you are still nervous, you can take some photos of number plate, personnel card of the drivers and send to a relative in case of bad situations.

Realize coming bad situations

Not every robber prepares meticulously. The important things you need to memorize are never walking alone in deserted places and always pay attention to language, gesture, attitude of surrounding people.

People that wear unusual clothes such as thick jackets in hot sunny day or a strange person suddenly stands by you are suspicious subjects. If you doubt anything, getting out of danger by running to light and crowded places such as supermarkets, shops …

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