Things to forget when traveling China

National Capital is rich cultural tradition, China is considered one of the most popular tourist destinations in the world. However, this country has the “closed door” when things seemed popular all over the world to be banned here. Here are the things you will never see or easily used when traveling to China.

Things to forget when traveling China

Things to forget when traveling China


Social networks abroad virtually impossible to pass the “firewall of China” – the name of the network security censorship by the government this country has done more than a decade. Although the authorities had ever made the promise of easing the management, the conversation on Twitter updated information in China has proved to be a long way to conquer.


Similar to Twitter, the most popular Web search Google world also suffer the same fate as inaccessible in China. Among these, is the latest service Gmail restricted use rights.

During long time, Google also attempted to negotiate with the Chinese government to provide appropriate solutions, but finally had to divert to the Hong Kong market in 2010. Despite the ban, local residents still use some software have to pay to overcome “firewall” and visit this website


Since 2009, China decided to block Facebook and so far has no plans to resume transmission on the social network. Analysts said that the ban appeared related to the riots that erupted in July of that year between Muslim Uighurs and Han Chinese line in Xinjiang. However, the ban is rooted commercial purposes because it helps promote domestic technology products.

Travel - Great Wall of China

Travel – Great Wall of China


Snapchat is an application on the mobile phone, enabling users to take pictures, record video, add text, pictures and send to a friend. Similar to other online social networks, this application is also prohibited in China. It is considered as an opportunity for local firms boost market share. The application by the manufacturer in this country as Weibo, WeChat by millions of users.

Sách, truyện

Before them on the shelves in China, all the books have to go through the censorship of the General Department of Publication and Press this country. All topics such as human rights, Tibet or Communist Party disqualified. Information relating to the assets of officials in the state apparatus also belongs to the “national prohibition.”

This decision forced the publisher to choose, or accept removal of sensitive topics, or to lose 1.4 billion potential readers. In contrast to China, the publishing unit in Hong Kong to have more comfort in terms of content.


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