Singapore still wants to welcome Vietnamese tourists

TTO – Tourism VN said they received a letter from the Singapore Tourism Authority (STB) confirmed that the agency always welcomes guests from VN.

According to the letter coming from the media and social networks, Information Center Administration of Tourism said that Vietnamese tourists had difficulties or denied entrying into Singapore. In recent years, STB confirmed that they always welcome Vietnam’s tourists.

Singapore still wants to welcome Vietnamese tourists

Singapore still wants to welcome Vietnamese tourists

STB said there are some cases that Vietnamese tourists had been denied entrying to Singapore because they fail to present a passport or a valid passport. For that guests are transferred to inspect parts with additional information and interviews.

Staffs of Singapore Administration of Immigration at gate appraise and decide to allow entry when they meet the demand of entry requirements.

Before that, in July 27, ICA has met with representatives of the Embassy of Vietnam in Singapore to explain about the difficulties of Vietnamese tourists Vietnam when entry..

ICA has affirmed Singapore always welcomes tourists, creating favorable conditions for tourist trips and ICA ensures that security screening procedures are conducted in a professional manner and equality regardless of gender or nationality.

According to the Singapore Tourism Board, tourism cooperation between the two countries has much progress, in recent years the number of Vietnamese tourists coming to Singapore has steadily increased. In 2014, Singapore travel got over 420,000 visitors from Vietnam.

In the future, STB’s representative office in Ho Chi Minh City will continue to actively participate in the tourism exchanges between the two countries and ensure that Singapore always welcomes tourists from Vietnam.

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