Europe tourism in summer

Sunshine of the summer like scatter honey in all fetching road in Europe. This place is a great time for you to discover popular places in France, Belgium, Netherlands with tours in 8 days and price is so low just 51.990.000 VND, in Viettravel quality is never change. Besides, there are many tours around Europe with 16 fascinating routes and bringing to you experiences fascination.

Long time ago, whenever they mention to paradise of love that will be France. French is considered as a language of love, French men are loved by gentle and romantic, Advertisement of perfume, shower gel usually showing the image of a lady French who cover tilted brim, cruise on the Seine river dreaming. At the end of 2011, the 3D animated film set in Paris in 1910 under the name “A Monster in Paris” brought a very French feel with soothing vocals, tinged skin away so many children heart towards love song “La Seine” myth. Adventure fantasy and humanities France between monsters live in the garden and a charming young singer, which gave viewers a great experience in love and passion for music, artistry.

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France is so beautiful, coming this country you will have change to hear thump rhythm of the heart, Visiting many destinations like majestic Eiffel tower as a symbol located on the dreaming Seine riverside.  Khai Hoan Mon glitter with the light radiate everywhere every night or visit the cathedral of Notre Dame – a typical work for Gothic Renaissance.

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The journey keeps going to Belgium, the place passionate everyone with old buildings are still plenary like painting despite it was built more than 1000 years ago, or Brussels the capital of chocolate in the world, land of chocoholic with 16 museums and more than 2000 stores of chocolate it will bring to you sweet experiences on the valentine season.

Netherlands beautiful country with windmills image and immense fields of tulips, dikes, unique wooden shoe will attract you first sight when visiting Amsterdam, the largest city in the Netherlands, characteristic of the typical ancient of Europe, which is located on the river Amstel. The city is known as a center of politics, economy, cultural of the Netherlands and is one of the world’s largest port with ancient monuments and museums bring unique historical significance. Here, you will visit the Heineken museum to hear introduction the history and the manufacture beer Heineken brand, with thickness more than 140 years development, or visit the diamond trade center.

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Europe is in the summer, this is the most beautiful season in the year. There are 24 delegations with 500 customers in June and in 2 weeks first there are 36 delegations with 600 customers each day from1 -2 delegations had gone along with Vietravel on all places of Europe in this brilliant summer.

According to a representative of Vietravel, attraction more suppose of tourists, our company had launched many variety tours, making sure that our tour cover all Europe with 16 routes.

Price of tours sale off very shock, including route “Netherlands – Belgium – France” (8 days) with only 51,990,000 VND package price . It is considered as a record price drop. Lowest in the market service and service quality remains guaranteed. To date the European tour of passengers of tours for Europe which departing from August to October was almost fulfill.

Vietravel was committed support from Mr. Jean-Noël Vietravel Poirier – French Ambassador to Vietnam, the issuance of visas for Vietnamese in general and for guests accompanied Vietravel particular will certainly convenient and faster.


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