Volga River Cruise

Tourists would have a chance to enjoy traditional Russian music, watching dancer’s performances, having dinner with caption and taking pleasure in fascinating autumn on the two sides of the Volga – the longest river of Europe.

Moscow and St. Petersburg are convergent points of Russia’s art and architectures. At the first time, tourists of Saigontourist will be overwhelmed in vast and beautiful Taiga forests on both sides of Volga River, the most important river of Russia.

Volga River Cruise1

Uglich city is the location of the rock house, which belongs to archduke Dmitry, built in the 15th century and became the residence of Russia princes. Besides, Demetrios cathedral is extremely impressive with red walls and blue domes looking like Southern sails.

To come to Goritsy town, a peaceful land and a typical model of Russian countryside, tourists would have a chance to detect an old museum having many ancient symbols of Russia.

In addition, when tourists visit Kizhi Island, they will be attached by novel wooden architectures. Two wooden churches built in the year 1764 are typical examples for this kind of architecture; one is used in the summer and another is used in the winter.

Furthermore, two small villages Mandrogui located on the right side of Svir tributary can make huge surprises for visitors by a famous Vodka museum, which own an enormous collection, up to 2.000 different types.

Volga River Cruise

Tourists will be transported back in time to admire many famous symbols of Moscow such as historic Red Square, Kremlin Palace and the Savior Church, which is the largest and the tallest official church of the world. In addition, it would be a nice idea to purchase at commercial combination Ahotny Ryad, GUM center or hunting antique in Arbat town.

In St. Petersburg, which is accepted as a Cultural Heritage of Humanity by UNESCO, tourists will be able to discover the well-known works such as Peter and Paul Cathedral, Peterhof Summer Palace, Winter Palace (now known as the Hermitage Museum, the largest art museum of Russian and the thirst of the world).

The city named as the great poet Pushkin is the last destination. Here visitors can admire Katerina Palace and Ekaterina Park


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