Japanese country and people

Speaking of Japan is that we think of a superpower with the development of 2nd world, after the United States, while Japan’s population is a country with an aging population, scarce resources, so why Japan to have a strong economy so?

Regarding natural conditions, then Japan is an archipelago of over 3,000 islands outside the Asian continent
Area la: 377.834km²
Population 1 268 million people
Major cities: Osaka, Nagoya, Sapporo, Kobe
Mainly Buddhist religion.
This country is situated in the east of Korea, Russia and China and spread from the Sea of Okhotsk in the north to the East China Sea in the south.

Coutry Japan travel

Coutry Japan travel


Japan temperate zone, with 4 seasons 4 seasons ret.voi, Japan Self Haola an island with beautiful nature is considered one of the world’s most beautiful 10nuoc. Spring flowers in April with Sakura, bloom as ecstatic hearts, autumn with the leaves change color painting -Momiji, winter with natural beauty, cultural tradition for years, Japan is increasingly attractive many students to study and work.

Country of Islands

Japan has four major islands in order from north to south are: Honshu; kyushushikoku Hokkaido to Okinawa. Much of the island in Japan there are many mountains and volcanoes. Japan is the country with the tenth largest population in the world with 128 million people estimated, including Tokyo and several surrounding province is the largest metropolitan area in the world with about 30 million people live
Japan has few natural resources. Minerals such as iron ore, Dongdo, zinc, lead and silver, and the importance of energy resources such as oil and coal are imported. The topography and climate of Japan led farmers face many difficulties, and because the country is cultivated only some crops like luagao, so about half of the food is imported from abroad.

Despite being a country very scarce natural resources but which Japan has always been a world leading countries in science of light and 2nd in the world in gross domestic product and is ranked 5th in the country world in the field of investment in defense; ranked No. 4 in the world in the export and world No. 6 on imports. This country is a member of the UN organization.

Cradle of technology

Moreover, Japan is the world’s leading nations in the field of scientific research, technological machinery and medical research. Nearly 700,000 researchers share a $ 130 billion budget for research and development, ranked No. 3 in the world Japan is one of the countries with inventions in the fields of electronics, automobiles, machinery, industrial robotics, optics, chemicals, semiconductors and metals. Japan leads the world in science robot, this is the country possesses more than half (402,200 out of 742,500) of industrial robots for the Japanese manufacturer has invented QRIO, Asimo and Aibo. Japan is also the largest automobile manufacturers in the world and is home to 6 of the 15 largest automotive manufacturers globally as well as 7 of the 20 semiconductor manufacturers world’s largest.

The Japanese researchers always asserted themselves over time Nobel laureate.

Regarding the educational system of Japan, the primary, secondary and tertiary be applied in Japan as one of the Meiji reforms. Since 1947, Japan applied the compulsory education system includes primary and secondary schools in nine years for students from six to fifteen. Most of then are continued high school and under MEXT, approximately 75.9% of graduates continue hoclen popular university, college or other programs and other educational exchange. Japanese education have very high competition particularly in the university entrance exams, especially the exams of two senior university Kyoto.Chuong Tokyo and assessment of international students OECD existing cooperation Japan ranked sixth in the world.

Cherry Blossoms

Coutry Japan - Coutry Japan - Cherry Blossoms

Coutry Japan – Coutry Japan – Cherry Blossoms

Japan also has the fine as “the land of cherry blossoms”, because Cherry Blossoms (桜 Sakura) grows throughout Japan from North to South, flower “bloom faster disabled” by the Japanese favorite crystal reflection sensitive spirit, love of beauty, life and death are decisive of their people; Being “chrysanthemum country” because daisies 16 wing-like solar’re radiate a symbol of royal emblem and Japan hiennay; “Land of the rising sun” because Japan is a country in the far east, their ancestral Sun Goddess Amaterasu is (天 照 Thai female satyr).


Regarding the Japanese people are naturally curious and sensitive to foreign cultures. They always study and learn how accumulated much experience for themselves. That spirit of curious minds of the Japanese people for progress is motivating them to become an advanced country ranked 2nd in the world. The sense of collective high, often standing in the Japanese congviec ego to uphold the common interest, they can compete with each other, but there are times when they embarked together to achieve common goals to beat foreign competitors .

Japanese people are very respectful and status hierarchy, dayla longstanding tradition of the Japanese, the Japanese have very high aesthetic, they know how to organize work and decorate their homes, belongings or the decorated meal. They not only external manifestations, but also the way of life, thinking and their way of working, the Japanese have frugality and hard work, their loyalty was confirmed.

They enhance its strength by cultivating loyal sentiments of the workers by training with very good remuneration to attract human resources. Japanese society is a society with fierce competition, but not to create competition between individuals that individuals must work selflessly for the team competition. The Japanese always follow defined objectives, respecting the social hierarchy, hardworking and have a high sense of responsibility, love nature and have good taste, refinement, humility and always trustworthy. In short the country of Japan is a country full of potential for us to work towards.

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