Duty-free tips shopping at airport

Take advantage of the opportunity to purchase duty-free goods at airports with condition to come before time offered, take time and carefully furnished, you will save a lot of money but not small.

Notice the warning signs

At the airport there are enough goods to sell but not yet the store is also duty-free shops. Ask carefully before shopping. Often the duty-free shops will have signs for you to easily recognize. It is best to ask the salesperson before you shop.

Do not shop when you just arrived at the airport

Duty-free tips shopping at airport

Duty-free tips shopping at airport

Please ensure that you do not have to carry more lugage on your trips. If you        want to buy duty-free goods, arrange your time to come to the airport early enough for you to return and you can do the procedure and enjoy shopping. In the duty-free shops, you are vulnerable to the appeal of the items. There have been many cases of missing flight because of shopping. Therefore, please pay attention to the time and inform of its aircraft door to avoid missing flights.

Each duty-free shop has its own conditions and strict regulations

When shopping at the duty free shops, you need to show your boarding pass with destination of flight schedules and passport. Based on the regulations, vendors will tell you how much items you can buy to avoid trouble through the door because of the wrong law you can be fined heavily.

Ask carefully about reimbursement procedures

If you want to save time, you need to ask about the refund procedures before leaving the store to avoid losing other people’s time and yours.If you go in group, you can gather together to jointly refund once.

You should pay in cash

At the airport, paying cash is always cheaper than payment cards (MasterCard, Visa …) because of an international service fee. Let’s spend the last coin at the airport to buy gifts for your relatives and friends.

These products should be bought at the airport

Shopping at the airport, especially in duty-free shops, you absolutely can rest assured about the origin of goods as the items here are strictly checked about quality. Special products should be bought such the liquor, cosmetics, perfumes and products for health and beauty. You will save an extremely pretty when buying them in duty free shops.

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