1,500 guests are not allowed to enter Singapore

Within 6 months of the year, 1,515 passengers Vietjet Vietnam had been denied entry into Singapore without clearly explaining whether all papers presented.

Vietjet Air airline sent a written emergency Government, the Ministry of Public Security, Ministry of Transport, Vietnam Embassy in Singapore with support measures. According to company representatives, in the first 6 months, 1,515 of its passengers are Vietnamese denied entry into Singapore without clearly explaining whether to present passport and valid identification by the granting authority.

guests are not allowed to enter Singapore

guests are not allowed to enter Singapore

Over 1500 passengers of the airline Vietjet was denied entry to Singapore. Artwork: AVD.
This fact has a direct impact on the image of Vietnam, the airline Vietjet and cause great damage to the company having to pay the expenses incurred include costs exiting detention rooms, in That 17 SGD / hour (SGD) and the cost for employee monitoring 32 SGD / hour.
Vietjet had to pay more than 1 million SGD (approximately 16 billion) for the costs since official exploitation route HCMC – Singapore. Particularly the first 6 months, the figure was 450,000 SGD. In addition, the company also bear the full cost of airfare to return to Vietnam for the passengers mentioned above.

Especially, for the case not to enter, the company proposed immigration authorities Singapore handled in the shortest possible time so that passengers could return to Vietnam on its next flight, reduce latency Wait and costs saved at the airport. The company also suggested that Singapore consider reducing the fees custody and supervision of the passengers were refused entry.

Facing this situation, Civil Aviation Administration of Vietnam has written proposal to the Ministry of Transportation to work with the State Department to a note to the diplomatic missions of Singapore explained that many passengers Vietnam (multi of the ladies) with the authorities of this country refuse entry.

Civil Aviation Administration also sent a letter to the Department of Civil Aviation of Singapore suggested the agency you are working with Immigration and give airlines in both countries list Vietnam who are not encouraged to island Lion. The airline will be updated and can proactively implement appropriate measures to ensure the rights of passengers and reduce damage.

Regarding this situation, the date 23/7, Foreign Ministry spokesman Le Hai Binh Vietnam, said the Foreign Ministry had discussions with Singapore. However, the water you do not have an official announcement.

“The Foreign Ministry has also directed the authorities of Vietnam in Singapore verify relevant information, specific work with your country to ensure the legitimate rights and interests of the citizens of Vietnam in line with bilateral agreements with Singapore and ASEAN agreements, “spokesman Le Hai Binh said.

On 25/7, exchange with VNA, Nguyen Minh Hang, Minister Counsellor Embassy of Vietnam in Singapore, said the ICA affirmed Singapore’s policy is welcomed citizens of countries, including Vietnam , travel to Singapore. Singapore totally not apply any form or discriminatory measures with Vietnam nationals.

Representing ICA also said, in the context of bilateral relations developing well in recent years, the number of citizens of Vietnam to Singapore in the last 5 years has doubled. The great majority of citizens of Vietnam, to 98%, are convenient entry.

However, ICA no entry for citizens to use passports with different personal information for multiple entry. Singapore also refused entry visas to citizens of every violation of law in their country, citizens multiple entry does not explain the purpose of entry or citizens to find work.

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